About Technology Whiteboard - TechWhiteboard.com

What We Do

TVC's Technology Whiteboard is a communication hub centered on DOE technology and intellectual property commercialization. The Tech Whiteboard provides an essential link between the available technologies, experts, scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses. The system's central "analytic engine" helps find connections and create real-world relationships.

Who We Are

TechWhiteboard.com is a project of Technology Ventures Corporation (also known as TVC). TVC's primary goal is to encourage and foster Tech Transfer and Tech Commercialization through enabling communication between all levels of business and technology. More information about TVC is available at TechVentures.org.

Why We Do It

Through Department of Energy grants and a variety of other funding sources, TVC has the complete pleasure of working with so many exciting and interesting technologies and people. Helping build technology based businesses is what TVC does, and it does it well.

How We Do It

TechWhiteboard is built on around a schema-less document management system that uses social networking and collective intelligence patterns to encourage cooperation through all tech transfer stakeholders. The system is a custom architecture that utilizes the latest in NoSQL and cloud based technologies to provide exposure to Intellectual Property (IP) to every interested party.

More Information

If you still have additional questions, you're welcome to check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. If that doesn't have the answers you're looking for, please feel free to contact us at any time.